we accelerate innovation

We consider innovation the most important part of society. And we think innovation is a process in which everyone participates – companies, experts, customers. However, there is so much online content which distracts us all from innovating, and we feel that the more content is made the less we innovate – make things better. This is why we made openinnovation.me. We are inspired by open source, open culture, and participation, and we know that open cooperation between companies, experts, and customers can really accelerate innovation.


How does it work

openinnovation.me consists of two parts:
– Social media available to everyone at openinnovation.me,
– Apps available to brands at apps.openinnovation.me.

openinnovation.me creates new connections between brands and customers:
– Between brands and everyone else via social media,
– Between brands and focus groups via social media and apps,
– Between different partner brands via apps,
– Between team members inside a brand via apps.


What are the benefits for brands

– Be open – a competitive position which not all companies can take,
– Find problems which allow them entry in new markets,
– Attract experts and partners,
– Engage their teams in innovation and growth.