Wed 17 Mar 2021 open innovation for new markets webinar - completed

At 14:30 CET on Wed 17 Mar 2021 Andrea Toniolo will present the webinar open innovation for new markets.

The event will illustrate practical examples and steps on how to use open innovation to enter new markets.

Some of the questions we will answer:
– How to find local problems, trends, and competitors?
– What are the type of cooperations I can use?
– How can I start open innovation to gather local problems?

The webinar is free and open to anyone.

Date: Wed 17 Mar 2021
Starting time: 14:30 CET
Duration: 20 minutes with questions and answers of 15 minutes
Language: Italian
Format: Webinar
Speaker: Andrea Toniolo,
Organizer: Andrea Toniolo,

Written by: Andrea Toniolo
Publishing date: 22 Feb 2021