5 random and fun rules of sales and marketing


1. Selling is not describing.
Sales and marketing job is not to describe the product. Google does that.
Sales and marketing must sell it – add something new to the bare description.

2. Sales is a highly creative activity.
Some companies are not growing because they are not letting their sales staff be creative.
History has proven that there is nothing more powerful than a salesperson having fun.

3. To get new customers, do something new.
Companies can not grow if they keep repeating what they have done before. Repeating, although safe, is boring for everyone, especially customers.

4. A NO is never a lack of interest.
A NO answer requires an evaluation which requires a lot interest.

5. Customers can trust the products, the company, and the leader.
If at least one is trusted, customers will purchase. To be on the safe side promote all three.

How are these rules fun? It is up to you to figure it out.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 28 Oct 2019