5 ways salespeople can be creative leaders with BEMapps.com

ragnar lothbrok

Salespeople are a lot of highly creative know-how which is often not used or shared internally. Here are 5 ways they can creatively lead the company growth using BEMapps.com:

Add Roadmap steps which include major sales projects
Sales is a crucial company activity and every Roadmap should include sales steps. These steps can be tagged by customers or opportunities.

Make Opportunity Ideas
The real creativity is in documenting ideas for everyone else to see. Not all ideas can become won opportunities, but sharing them will inspire the team.

Use tags which present wider strategic opportunities
Tags can be used to connect customers, opportunities, ideas, Roadmap steps, and other elements into conceptual groups. Tags do not need to be only dry sales oriented, but also can represent new markets, new concepts, and strategic goals.

Add Trends tagged by Customers and Opportunities
Documenting a story about a customer or their opportunity with trends is a powerful way to generate insights and teach others, also within a context of all other market and company trends.

Add new values to products and brands
Each new value is a potentially a new market. Adding new values, especially digital, sustainable, or unique, means to discover new ways customers appreciate the products and brands. This is a highly creative process which make the company more competitive.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 31 Jan 2020