A New Way To Sell vs Inbound Marketing

King King vs T Rex

A New Way To Sell increases use of content in marketing, sales, and overall company growth. It is a holistic approach which must include strategy, management, technology, and marketing.

It is very similar to Inbound Marketing, a marketing method, but they are not the same. Inbound Marketing focuses on selling with digital content and its practical scope is limited to digital marketing.

A New Way To Sell outperforms Inbound Marketing in three points:

1) It has a holistic focus on the entire organization
A New Way To Sell is not only one part of marketing an overall marketing and sales approach.

2) It includes a wider range of content
It defines content much wider than only digital text and imagery. See big table of all content.

3) It supports long term growth
It is not locked in a fixed solution, but open and flexible to support constant growth.

Inbound Marketing is a useful marketing method, and should be used as part of A New Way To Sell, but it should never be considered a single and complete content solution. Inbound marketing can be very effective for some businesses, but in most cases content and sales require a much bigger change.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 27 Aug 2018