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A New Way To Sell
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Che valori può aggiungere Luma Grothe al tuo brand?
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Case study: helping George Martorano escape from prison
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Il Made in Italy scomparirà entro il 2050
Made in Italy will disappear by 2050
Super Fast & Valuable Agile Tasks (SFVAT)
14 questions every CMO must answer
Do you grow like Marvel or like DC?
Five ways videos grow a company
Cinque modi in cui i video fanno crescere le aziende
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Value Content winner: Athlean-X
Say NO to the Sales High
The nature of googleplex of customers decisions, and the inherent responsibility of marketers
Just say smart things
Devi amare i lead strani e sporchi
What is marketing, really?
Personalized interaction wins (the future of every company is in artificial intelligence)
Capitalism is essentially good
How NOT to destroy teamwork
Di NO all'Ebbrezza della Vendita
Why is Massimo Vignelli important?
Value Content defined
Don't blame Cambridge Analytica, blame yourself
Innovation is (almost) impossible
There are more brilliant physicists than Stephen Hawking, but...
How to hire a perfect a marketer (Renaissance style)
Interview with Mauro Gatti, Jib Jab VP of Content, on content, humor, and influencers
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The most important marketing trend in 2018
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3 errors which prevent marketing from growing a business
Social Media brand strategy tips from Mashable Social Media Day Italy 2017
Three situations when businesses choose to use soft values
How sales change when brands work well
All local brands will disappear and only globally competitive brands will survive
Also consumers can make better decisions - Live With Brands lecture, Palazzo Chiericati
The purpose of the 377,000 USD Hermes Birkin Bag
Repositioning the brand with content as a growth boost - Ariel share the load example
Best way for brands to use artificial intelligence
Do marketing and sales dashboards create passive teams?
5 random examples which benefit most from content
Juicero shows what happens when values are not accepted
All problems are resource problems
How do companies actually change?
How to grow a company: more products or more content?
Clooney's Casamigos Tequila bought by Diageo for 1 billion USD
Disruption, Test & Learn, Marketing & Sales Funnel are proofs that customers accepted your values
History of Italy through brands
Why is Silicon Valley killing it?
Three levels of business competition
Six brand metrics which can predict the business performance
Two times Sir Ridley Scott changed the world of brands
Six best ways to use a brand
B2B relationship as a marriage
Five brand equity management buzzwords which can come in handy
Difference between brand strategy and brand equity management, the United Airlines example
Brand is not a product, the Tesla example
Pepsi Kendall Jener and Audi Superbowl ads fail because they competed against tougher competitors
Three brand equity tips for investors
Three rules how to sell to Millennials (Cristiano Ronaldo vs USA retailers)
How can a Name, a Logo, and a Slogan grow a business
Importance of engineers for brand equity
Snapple could have avoided loosing 1,4 billion USD in brand equity by respecting the content
Marketing is gaining relevance in companies, technology is gaining relevance in marketing
Two things we can learn from doing a Ratner
Heinz ketchup became a category leader because it was not killing its customers
Marc Pritchard, P&G, speech at IAB Annual Leadership Meeting 2017
How will virtual reality disrupt all brands
Three types of Brand Awareness
New Year resolution: list your Brand Values
How Uniqueness, Differentiation, Innovation, and Unique Selling Point work together
What can we learn from "Arrival" (2016)?
Vision vs tasks
Three questions every manager must answer
Brand Value defined
Biggest error in building a brand - excluding the employees
Trump's win explained as brand strategy
How do brands handle scandals: Samsung, Trump, Clinton, VW, Theranos...
Sales, marketing, and development teams benefit from using Brand Equity Management
What value does Vessel sculpture offer to Hudson Yards owners
Elevator pitch does not work
Social Responsibility is a value offered by brands to their customers
Brand stretch: Would you fly on a Snickers airplane?
Myth: brand is something abstract only big successful companies use
Categories as brands
Why was Apple iPhone 1 unique?
World Economic Forum report: Skills needed in 2020
Future of advertising
Informal marketing problem
Why is Brand Equity Management (BEM) important for businesses?
Team (organization) change tips
DeLorean - living brand of a dead product
Adding Alphabet Brands Google owners increase Brand Equity
Rank Hovis McDougall and origins of Brand valuation
The Lexus hoverboard positions Lexus brand well
Top Brand performance requires custom metrics
Brand Equity Management and Soft Power
Slogans allow Brands to adjust to competition and markets
China’s stock market value tops 10 trillion USD Brand Equity assumptions
Why did Pepsi loose the Cola War?
Starbucks' 21,000 Brands
How many companies are there?
Know-how as key digital asset
Brand Equity Management is a form of organizational change
Define a new Brand Category with Brand Name
Brands must know their main customer
Promote your Mother Brand
Star Wars Youtube video increases Disney market cap
Adopting the customer point of view
Brand Equity Management requires teamwork between company departments
Difference between Brand Equity Management and valuation