Be very afraid

death in the mind of someone living

Companies are teams of people, sometimes hundreds of thousands, who work together to offer value to their customers. There is one common error made by all the people in all the companies. I also make this error no matter how much I try to avoid it. This error is: not being afraid enough.

Every team member in every company should be afraid of waking up one day in a world where their customers simply do not want anything from them. That is possible. It happens. And all of us ignore it every day. Even when all data, all indicators, all reports, everything is telling us that this darkness is getting closer. There is always a possibility of a moment when our companies, our products, our content, and our brands simply have no value for customers. When customers just stop caring and they go to someone else. The only way to avoid this moment is to be constantly afraid of it.

Once we accept this possibility we can really do our work well and our work becomes perfectly clear – to offer value to customers, to be valuable, to improve their lives, to give them what they want. This is how we do not disappear. How we stay relevant and valuable.

In my experience, a company with a revenue of 50 MM EUR a year can disappear easily within years. Most companies work only for a few hundred or few thousand customers. Changing a mind of a few thousand customers can happen in a second. Changing a mind of million customers can also happen in a second. End of the relationship will take much more time, but once the nanosecond decision is made it is hard to reverse it. Many times companies do not even know that customers decided to leave.

My advice is to always be afraid of losing your customers. This will motivate you to always offer them the most value. If you are not afraid, then you are not doing your job well. Being afraid is the most important talent you can have.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 17 Oct 2018