Light summer 2019 reading
Joseph Nye Someone else's idea: Soft power by Joseph Nye
Avoid the complexity bias
George Carlin Completely random planning quotes Roadmap feature New feature: Roadmap
unicorn Future of business software is creative cooperation
Uber driver Uber IPO warnings for SMBs
Data Valley Data Valley 2019 quick impressions
Hugh Glass Company resilience defined
Robert McNamara Minimum information needed to understand a company
Chris Resurrection Happy Easter! We all sin, repent, and forgive
Notre Dame Paris Brand relevance is the reaction to daily trends
Pamela Anderson Old news! Pamela Anderson, South Park, McDonalds, and construction companies
European Union parliament Dunbar's number is a good starting point
What is design?
We have upgraded the Customers feature with Journey and Type
Daenerys green screen What inhibits revenue growth?
Apple Las Vegas ad privacy Apple uses a contrarian strategy
Ida Tarbell Old news! Banks, Oil, Bonuses, Space, Porn
Christopher Wylie Brexit is the first algorithmic destruction of a national economy
Andrew Wakefield Why are anti-vaxxers right?
Customers do not need to buy
Mike Tyson Focus on processes to be happy and effective, like Mike Tyson
Lance Armstrong Rules for growth in the 21st century
Willy Loman Tesla Model 3 Philip Seymour Hoffman Death of a Tesla salesman
Squatty Potty Value Content winner: Squatty Potty
Karl Lagerfeld The 15 minutes of Karl Lagerfeld genius
Seth Godin My comments on Seth Godin IlSole24Ore interview
wolf to dog Dog breeding as an example of a product life cycle
big data Indiana Jones It is your duty to constantly find new data
Jeff Bezos 3 brand strategy lessons from Jeff Bezos vs National Enquirer
Wim Hof Who loves cold showers?
H&M coolest monkey in the jungle Make money with social responsibility and political correctness
Sigmund Freud Adam Smith Anatomy of a customer decision
shoeshine boy Old news! Gothic, shoeshine, Mr. Price, and Next logo
Kendall Jenner Versace 2019 Reality check: is your company old?
aspirin Adaptable products live longer Trends We have upgraded the Trends feature - a team know-how solution
Razorfish 60 minutes How can SMBs survive the 2020 global economic crash
Blade Runner Atari Old News! 2019 - the year of the Tyrell Corporation
sci-fi gun Sales mix: talent, infrastructure, product, content
Benetton Oliviero Toscani To sell well, you must truly love your customers
Customer big data is the trend to adopt in 2019
utopia Three mega trends that will influence all companies in coming decades
Coca Cola Santa Claus 2 rules for Christmas marketing
How CRM ruined the beautiful revolutionary customer relationship management idea
pajama Old news! Pajama, Shenzen, Apple, Tesla, 63 cm, and Milton Freedman
Bart Simpson Eight rules of strategic marketing Customers feature big data We have launched the Customers feature - a big data solution
Kubrick kid Marketers guide to parenting: how to trick your kids into creating
two types of marketing thinking Two types of marketing
Bane Batman The only two rules of competition
dreadlocks girl Old news! Airbnb, fashion, millennials, capitalism, and teamwork
Kylie Jenner Instagram 5 steps to Kylie Jenner 18 million likes Instagram post
Maximilien Robespierre swatch What do French Revolution and Swatch have in common?
Dolce Gabbana China apology Old news! Fashion in China, Lego for adults, and Steve Ballmer's predictions
Apple poop animoji Why Apple makes bad products
Gene Roddenberry Digital transformation: 1 2 3... GO!
Oscar Wilde Old news! Oscar Wilde and 8 B USD in cash
Silver Surfer vs Galactus Stan Lee created imaginary worlds that changed us
Stefano Quintarelli Interview with Stefano Quintarelli on leading the Italian digital renaissance
trump obama The power of advertising (it is not what you think it is)
red pill matrix The red pill (but funny)
Marilyn Monroe Old news! Dreaming in black and white 5G
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II New markets are new technologies
The Queen sad Old news! Outsourcing & The Queen
tesla Why Tesla scares me
Dominic Barton Big old agencies have failed to build a better world
patagonia clothing unique culture Three levels of culture
death in the mind of someone living Be very afraid
Scott Galloway Samuel Scott Scott Brinker Guy Kawasaki Four marketing philosophers to follow on Twitter
Grumpy Cat Brand Licensing Europe 2018 report
Sundar Pichai Old news! Light years away from any reality
Lego movie How to grow with new products
meditation running Take 5 minutes NOW and meditate
Old news! Robots robots robots
Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures If you started a company before the year 2000...
teamwork What is teamwork?
VW beatle Old news! Beatle, digital marketing, webinars, AI
Mayweather McGregor Avoid biases at all cost
internet minute Old news! Growth, Facebook, minutes, agile Italy
API t-shirt Keep calm and use an API
elephant painting Marketing is a design activity
Ron Burgundy Dodge Old news! Customization, softeners, cars, hamburgers
company as a star Visualizing companies as stars
King King vs T Rex A New Way To Sell vs Inbound Marketing
kid with camera Marketers guide to parenting: make creators, not consumers
kids with smartphones A New Way To Sell
IBM Q B2B is actually very soft
Olivetti Six problems which keep companies down
Peanuts Snoopy What is a team?
The Incredulity of Saint Thomas Caravaggio) Completely random marketing quotes
Only complex is unique
Luma Grothe What can Luma Grothe add to your brand?
beach Light summer 2018 reading
whale Facebook wants to grow up with the whales
LeBron James Is @kingjames a Me Me Me or a More Instagram account?
marketing data hoarder Confessions of a marketing data hoarder
Case study: helping George Martorano escape from prison