There are more brilliant physicists than Stephen Hawking, but...

Stephen Hawking

There are more brilliant physicists than Stephen Hawking. There are also more brilliant authors.

But Stephen Hawking is not one “thing”. If he was one “thing”, he would not be respected as much. He was two “things”: a scientist and an author. He was a maker and a promoter.

He was able to combine two skills which are almost impossible to combine:
1) The difficulty of creating, discovering, and making something new;
2) The difficulty of teaching it to the average person, motivating them to truly learn it.

Unfortunately, the nexus of these skills in a single person or a team is rare.

Too many amazing discoveries, products, ideas, technologies wait for someone to promote them, are forgotten, or used wrongly. Too many times the users must wait for years or decades until the discovery reaches them. Too many times a poor quality product or idea win because their owner is better at teaching than discovering.

Stephen Hawking realized early that discovery alone is not enough to change the world and he took it upon himself to make the content and become our global teacher. Thank you Stephen!

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 16 Mar 2018