Customers do not need to buy

Customer is any person who can make a desired decision. One of the most desired decisions is to purchase, but there are also others:

– Influencers recommend the brand to others,
– Journalists write articles about the brand,
– Vendors, retailers, agents, distributors sell the products,
– Investors buy stocks or lend money,
– Talent chooses to work for the company.

Companies that focus only on eliciting a purchase decision from customers are mostly likely not using their resources most efficiently. Acquiring more influencers, journalists, and vendors will exponentially increase the revenue because they can reach much more purchasing customers – clients. Acquiring investors and talent is obviously crucial for the company growth. Companies that only focus on sales and neglect all other aspects are less competitive and must pay a higher price to grow.

If company offers highly competitive values all customers will accept them (influencers, journalists, vendors, investors, talent). If values are not competitive then company will have problems attracting customers other than those who purchase. Having many influencers, journalists, vendors, investors, and talent is a sign of a healthy competitive brand. Working only for purchasing customers (clients) is a sign of a company in risk, but with substantial room for improvement.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 12 Mar 2019