Data Valley 2019 quick impressions

Data Valley

Data Valley is an Italian conference dedicated to use of big data by Italian SMBs.

The 2019 edition speakers were:
Daniele Bobba, Deloitte Analytics,
Pietro Lanza, Intesa IBM Blockchain,
Marco Paiola, Coordinator at Digital Transformation Lab,
Paolo Ghezzi, InfoCamere.

My main impressions are:

– Main goal of SMBs is to collect customer big data.

– The SMBs who will use big data on the strategic level will be more competitive.

InfoCamere offers open data of 6 million Italian companies and only 300,000 companies are accessing this data.

– One of the main blocks is lack of skills and positions necessary for the transition to more digital and big data based business.

– 25 of the best 100 companies in Padova were analyzed by a third party and only 4 are using big data.

– There were no practical examples and best practices in using big data. Data Valley aims to collect best practices and share them with the audience.

– 4 of 10 Italian CEOs still think that they do not need the internet to succeed in their business.

– 29 % of Italian companies have no access to the internet.

Written by: Andrea Toniolo
Publishing date: 9 May 2019