Five ways videos grow a company

Video is the king of content, just below AI and software. Video offers much more information and value than other content, require little effort to view, and can be seen by an unlimited number of customers. It should be an essential part of any marketing, brand, and business strategy.

Here are five ways video can grow a company:

1) Explain products
In every business first problem to solve is: can customers easily access product information. If you are selling ice cream this might be easy, but most products are much more complicated. No other content is more efficient than video in transferring product information to customers. Publishing a video for every product or brand will grow the business.

2) Make products more competitive
Video allows you to transfer much more information than other content. For example, viewers can see facial expressions and body language and as a result can trust your brand more. Trust is a number one soft value factor in making a purchase decision.

3) Train a team
Videos are a great tool for teamwork. They are a fastest way to explain a new feature, a new strategy, or anything else new. Even if a simplest webcam video message is sometimes better than an email. Video creates more trust and offers more information within less time.

4) Customer-generated videos
There is nothing better than if someone else says that your product is great. If a customer makes a video on their own showcasing your product and the results, this is absolutely best. Allow your brand to accept such videos and content any time you can. Ask for it, support it, suggest it, publish it, work with others to produce it.

5) Tell a brand story
Storytelling is not only a hyped buzzword but also a better way to create a connection with customers. Customers prefer to connect to your whole story rather than just a final product. From Hollywood to vlogging videos are better in telling stories than any other content.

Whatever your choice of video strategy is, make sure you have an annual plan and that you distribute your resources well. Most companies fail due to bad annual planning and make only a small share of what they actually needed to complete. Video strategy, like most other content, requires gradually accelerating frequency and does not work well with one hit wonders.

Unfortunately we did not make a video for this post.

Written by: Andrea Toniolo
Publishing date: 11 Jul 2018