Four marketing philosophers to follow on Twitter

Scott Galloway Samuel Scott Scott Brinker Guy Kawasaki

I am not a fan of a term guru. Guru, in our experience, is the opposite of teamwork. I prefer the term philosopher – someone who focuses on a more abstract understanding of a matter and shares his conclusions with others.

Below marketers are not philosophers in a sense that they wrote philosophical papers and books. I consider them philosophers because I see a consistently abstract and relevant message in hundreds of their tweets. Next to each name I wrote my conclusion of what they promote with their tweets and work in general.

1) Scott Galloway promotes decentralization as change.

2) Scott Brinker promotes technology as change.

3) Samuel Scott promotes real change.

4) Guy Kawasaki promotes simplicity in understanding the chaos.

It is only an accident three out of four are named Scott.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 15 Oct 2018