Future of business software is creative cooperation


While a lot of the basic and operative company activities have been upgraded with tools – for example, project management – there are still many activities which never had tools, or tool adoption and quality is low. Creative and cooperative activities are especially hard to make tools for because of the complexity and agility.

However, nature of work is accelerating due to digitalization of both work and customer experience. Single decision makers, centralized and rigid processes, and simplified products and experiences are less competitive. Customers require highly creative and complex products and experiences, employees have more time for creative activities and more of them work remotely. These changes require new tools which engage more agile teams in making companies more competitive.

Next versions of business tools will be creative and cooperative allowing companies to design competitive products, content, and experiences. When tools that improve efficiency are already adopted, then the real competitive development starts in improving design and strategy that offer unique customer value.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 21 May 2019