Happy New 2020 - the year of no limits

2001 a space odyssey

We design tools and offer services that help you sell and market products better. The essence of our work is to remove the limits and empower you to maximize your own capacity. By capacity we mean customer relationships, creativity, and teamwork.

We believe that companies do not grow because of internal decisions which are mostly self-imposed limitations. Companies are teams of people and all people are creative and want to help. If this human capacity for creativity and helping is limited then companies become disconnected from customers and eventually irrelevant. It is important that tools and processes are never limiting you, otherwise the company is managed by the tools and not you.

We promise that tools that we design and services we offer will always aim to remove limits, help you grow, and help your customers get more value from you.

Happy New 2020 – the year of no limits!

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 31 Dec 2019