How businesses make the world better?

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We are changing our slogan to: – sales and marketing platform for businesses that make the world better.

It is challenging to use a soft non-technical slogan for a hard technical product like software. However, is really limited to businesses that make the world better and can not be used by businesses that do not.

But how do businesses make the world better?

We believe that businesses that compete only with values are making the world better. These businesses really care about customers and depend only on their decisions. These businesses are not safe in their position and if they do not try their best to make their customers happy, they will loose what they have. These businesses serve their customers and their only power over customers is that they are valuable to them. Their customers fully control the relationship.

Unfortunately, not all businesses and organizations work like this. Many businesses win not with valuable products and content, but by other means. These businesses will most likely not find useful. is made for businesses that strive to win with design, features, pricing, services, know-how. An economy based only on values, competition, and customer acceptance is a perfect one and best for customers. The closer we are to it, the better it is for everyone. This is what we believe makes the world better.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 22 Sep 2019