How can a Name, a Logo, and a Slogan grow a business

Ferrari logo

Brands interact with customers with Products, Content, and Media. Simplest definitions are: Product is what is exchanged with the customer, Content are texts, videos, imagery, sounds which communicate the brand, and Media are technologies and situations that share the content and products. If Product is a car, Content is a 30 sec TV advert, and Media is a website, third party TV station, or YouTube. In many cases there is a lot of gray area between Product, Content, and Media, meaning operational reality is not as clean cut as definitions.

Name, Logo, and Slogan are content. They are the most frequently used content because they appear in almost all media and products. This is why they have to be very efficient to use both from management and from the customer side. If they are hard to manage then processes slow down. If they are hard to understand then brand is not communicated. This is why best Names, Logos, and Slogans are extremely simple. They serve as an entry point or a reminder to everything else a brand offers.

Content also has the capacity to create soft values. These are values which are not measurable and are fully owned by the customer. The new BMW 5 Series Sedan content promotes the business athlete concept by showing details of Scott Eastwood‘s lifestyle, making customers believe that if they own the BMW 5 Series Sedan they will reach Scott’s social position and lifestyle. Customers are not shown technical aspects of the BMW 5, but are shown the social benefits of owning it. This is a soft value, because it is a value which is hard to measure. Soft values are usually created by content, and not by the product itself, they are engineered not by engineers, but by content designers and marketers.

Name, Logo, and Slogan are limited in capacity to create soft values due to their efficiency, but when they are both efficient and they add soft values to the Brand, they can increase business performance and brand equity. This happens exactly because they are the most used content.

One example is prancing horse Ferrari Logo. Ferrari explains the logo as an element of history and tradition which is not a relevant explanation. Ferrari logo actually communicates that Ferrari is a wild machine they need to tame. For example, Lamborghini is, in the simplest terms, perceived as a toy, and Ferrari as a challenge. And Ferrari Logo communicates this soft value perfectly.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 23 Mar 2017