How to protect your teams from Coronavirus

work from home coronavirus

This email contains advice and support offer on how to minimize the contagion risk. This email focuses on health risks and protection of people, not business risks.

The biggest Coronavirus health risks are:
1) Travel to high risk locations;
2) Office work.

Sales teams are especially at risk because they both travel a lot and spend a lot time in the office.

We can reduce these risks by replacing travel with virtual meetings and overnight mail, and reducing office work by switching to working from home.

To achieve this apply below advice:

1) Instead of travel or office work use virtual meetings. We recommend Zoom. Immediately invest in high quality earphones, mics, and webcams for all team members making their virtual meeting experience best possible so they do not feel they are missing out by not travelling or being in the office.

2) In case you need to do virtual product demos dedicate a new room in which top virtual meeting equipment is installed and products are available. It is best if this room is an new isolated location and not a co-working space or your office.

3) If your clients and partners do not have substantial equipment for virtual meetings order it for them immediately. The initial resistance and friction to switch from live and phone meetings to virtual meetings should be overcome by immediately proving all parties with the best equipment.

4) Use overnight mail for product demos. This is another way to reduce travel and physical contact. If a client located in a high risk area requests a physical product demo, send them the product by overnight mail and discuss it in a virtual meeting with video as soon as they get it.

5) All staff which does not need to be in the office should work from home. If they do not have home computer setup for working from home then you provide them with one immediately.

6) If your staff needs to use software which does not allow remote work and is not in the cloud (older generation ERP and similar), then provide them with a virtualization solution.

If you are our client or partner feel free to contact our CTO, Nebojsa Dolas at These changes will be treated as a highest priority 24/7. You can also contact our CSO Andrea Toniolo at or me at Our entire staff is at your disposal.

This is a moment to work from home, or a park, or a beach. Spending half a day in a room full of people who travel most of the year is definitely a situation everyone should avoid now.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 22 Feb 2020