Interview with Mauro Gatti, Jib Jab VP of Content, on content, humor, and influencers

Mauro Gatti

Mauro Gatti is VP of Content for Los Angeles based Jib Jab, brand which produces humor based videos, cards, emojis, and other content. Mauro is also one of the top Italian illustrators and a winner of the Golden Globe. His illustration style compromises on the technique in exchange for the quality of the message and humor. As mobile chats increase in audience Jib Jab and Mauro’s content are used by tens of millions of people daily as emojis. Mauro also designed content for Google, Nike, and Disney.

My interest in interviewing Mauro was to understand the growing trend of brands use of humor.


Q: What is your understanding of content and how does it affect the customers?

Content is something that must trigger an emotion.

Today the consumers are not focused on technology anymore (what is inside), but on content (what you see).

Humorous content has the majority of the online interactions.

Top communication platforms, such as Facebook and Snapchat, are investing in conversation content, such as emojis.


Q: What is the power of humor in brand building?

Humor is one of the best ways to connect to the audience and trigger emotions.

Every brand can use humor, but it needs to find its own dose and type.

Humor does not work on its own and must be integrated within the brand.

Humor also allows brands to keep reconnecting with users in new ways.


Q: How can brands use content to influence consumers?

We are in the transition from low quality to higher quality.

While in lower quality phase, influencers own the market.

Influencers are small production houses with tens of millions of subscribers.

Many of them have the tools to make the content but lack the knowledge to make it.

They copy what works and do not innovate.

Brands are in short term danger if they do not adopt this low quality style and, unfortunately, they are addicted to influencers.


My conclusion

Humor is a unique form of content. Customers accept it as a value from a brand yet it is not related to the products or other values. It is an independent and general value which can be added to almost every brand and improve its position. For example, a Ferrari car can be in a funny video without any mention its technology, design, or brand.

Brands can try to produce humorous content on their own or they can connect to other brands which only specialize in humor, such as influencers. Influencers focus on short term results and brands which connect to them must be careful to use their short term power but maintain the long term goals.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 12 Mar 2018