Light summer 2019 reading

This summer we suggest you learn from these celebrities:

Joseph Nye
American political scientist, co-founder of Neoliberalism and hobbyist gardener talks about how companies and countries should use more soft values and power to grow. Read more.

Karl Lagerfeld
The genius fashion designer who revamped the Chanel brand and created the Fendi logo, the protagonist of sold-out Karl Lagerfeld Diet book, made a series of great statements at Monocle interview in 2015. Read more.

Jeff Bezos
American technology entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist who founded and changed his company name from Cadabra to Amazon teaches us 3 brand strategy lessons from the conflict with National Enquirer. Read more.

Stan Lee
The American comic book writer, editor, publisher, and producer who started refilling inkwells of artists, ended up creating imaginary worlds that changed all of us. Read more.

Four marketing philosophers
Scott Galloway, Scott Brinker, Samuel Scott, Guy Kawasaki consistently write abstract and relevant messages in hundreds of their tweets. Read more.

Written by: Andrea Toniolo
Publishing date: 18 Jun 2019