Love the strange and dirty leads

Pablo Picasso

Marketing is technology and sales is product knowledge. Sales starts when technology stops working. In the case of most products salespeople are still far more efficient than technology in figuring out what closes the sale.

Therefore, sales is a highly innovative and constantly changing activity, yet in practice it is reduced to a repetition of old processes with no innovation, defined fully by software. The biggest proof of this is when sales people start to complain that the leads they get from marketing are not qualified (strange) or not well formatted (dirty).

On the contrary, it is obligatory that there is always a percentage of leads which are strange and dirty. A proper reaction to this should be to learn how to close these leads, and pass the know-how to marketing. These strange and dirty leads are exactly where the growth opportunities could be hiding. Some of these leads could represent whole new markets.

These leads hold the true power of sales over marketing. Marketing is limited by technology and in many cases is – in the lack of better word – stupid. Marketing needs to learn from sales how to update algorithms and processes. If sales start to act in a routine manner and are unable to quickly adapt, then this is definitely a problem. Creativity in sales is a must and it is best demonstrated in dealing with strange and dirty leads.

Tip: Always allow strange and dirty leads to get in touch with sales outside the software and process defined channels.

Written by: Andrea Toniolo
Publishing date: 4 Jul 2018