Make billions by removing these 3 internal growth limitations

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Companies can not change how the market and competitors behave but they can control how they do things internally. Therefore, the best way to grow is to first eliminate internal limits which block the growth.

These are the top 3 limitations that blocks growth of most companies:

All the time of the team is used only for operational tasks
Growth depends on doing new projects, finding new customers, offering new products. Main word here is NEW. If everyone in the team is dedicated to only doing old, operational, and established tasks, there is no room for anything new. Dedicate at least 10 % of time of each team member to doing something new, to testing new ideas, to creating new values, to experimenting and learning.

Dividing the team into smaller teams each with its own budget, strategy, tools
There are no sales strategies, marketing strategies, local strategies. There is only ONE company strategy which includes a single team – the entire team of the company. There are companies in which product designers never met the marketing or sales teams, or even the customers. This kind of fragmentation is destructive and not sustainable. Growth requires a single goal and a single team all working together. Try to create projects and use tools which unite rather than fragment the company.

Focusing the team away from the customers – on revenue, on competitors, on regulation, etc
People are naturally inclined to helping. If they are constantly asked to satisfy managers and owners, or just compete against competitors, they are placed in a conflict against their need to make customers happy. This makes them unhappy and unproductive. Allowing team members to focus on customers will make them happier which will in return give value to all other stakeholders and win over competitors. This is a cultural change which requires patience and trust.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 7 Jan 2020