Marketers guide to parenting: can kids design mobile apps?

ireadcomics Sofija Mijalkovic app mockups

Sometimes we underestimate the children. It often seems that they are capable of much more than we allow them. To test this I asked my 13 years old step-daughter Sofija to design a mobile app.

She already had basic Google Slides skills and knew how to import images, make squares and circles, and add text. I have shown her few examples of mobile app designs and how I would design an app with Slides. Overall she had basic presentation design skills and 5 min training. Most importantly, being a teenager, she spent hundreds of hours using apps so she knew how login, search, browsing, and other features work.

I gave her a deadline until tomorrow to design an app she wanted. Right on deadline she emailed me a presentation with 7 app screens. She named her app iReadComics and it allowed anyone to upload and share their comics. Basically, it was a community for amateur comic book authors. I was very proud. She literally did better than some professionals I worked with.

I learned that to make our children into creators all we need to do is give them an opportunity. The rest comes easy.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 30 Aug 2019