Marketing is a design activity

elephant painting

Varoufakis explains that economist’s observations change how things happen and therefore economics is not a science. If a scientist writes a paper on bee behavior or black holes, bees and black holes will not change. I agree with Varoufakis, but he did not define what economics is if not a science. In my opinion economics is design.

Design is something that causes a change and it always has two elements:
1) A designer, decision maker, person who directs the resources towards a goal.
2) A goal, desired change, something new and different.

By that logic marketing and sales are also design disciplines because they create change. They are not science although sometimes they like to pretend they are.

Since marketing and sales are design activities then their processes should be clearer. Who is the designer? What is the goal? What change is expected? How will the goal be reached? What is the design process? This way marketing and sales are in the same category with economics and should be practiced with the same rigour. If economists try to direct global economies, marketers and sales should be equally ambitious.

Also, design activities depend greatly on thinking beyond isolated problems by using abstraction. Abstraction provides solutions for many problems at once. Economics is able to do this. Marketing and sales are mostly still locked in operational terminologies which keep it grounded on the task level.

By understanding how powerful design is and accepting that marketing and sales are design activities, we will be able to unlock their full potential and boldly go where no marketer and sales have gone before…

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 3 Sep 2018