New feature: Companies

Tour de France

We launched a new feature – Companies. It presents companies as aggregates of all interactions and purchases of customers that belong to them. This new feature is especially relevant for B2B brands. It allows a better overview of which customers are part of which companies and which companies interact and purchase more. We also updated the customer visualization and will soon expand customer data profiles and sources.

To learn more please contact Andrea Toniolo.

For current clients
If you are a client you can log in and use the new Company feature. features
Roadmap – Collaborate on planing and managing growth,
Trends – Follow market, product, and competitor trends,
Customers – Add, manage, and filter customer and company data,
Performance – Marketing & sales analytics,
Products – Product information and know-how management,
Brands – Brand information management,
Competitors – Competitor analytics,
Team – Team engagement.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 11 Jul 2019