New feature: Roadmap Roadmap feature

I was an Ironman triathlete and a coach. When I started I was obese, but I reached a decent amateur level with 9 h 33 min personal best in Ironman Austria. This transformation took 7 years. In the start I did not have a perfectly clear idea of a final goal, but I did have a vision which eventually became more specific.

My journey would not be possible without doing my best in daily workouts and a long term plan. Without a plan all my training energy would have been wasted. Ironman triathlon training in general requires few years of planning. This experience convinced me that doing without planning is useless, even if plans are not perfectly clear, seem impossible, and need changes.

With we always aimed to satisfy two needs we ourselves have: how to do your best every day and how to channel the team energy towards a common goal. We believe one does not work without the other.

This is why we created the Roadmap feature. Roadmap allows all team members to participate in designing a company growth roadmap. Roadmap is a creative collaborative cloud tool which combines all the data currently available in customers, competitors, products, brands, trends, team. To learn more please contact Andrea Toniolo.

For current clients
Current clients can log in and use the new Roadmap feature.
You can also join the Roadmap presentation webinar on Wed 12 Jun.

More also includes the following features:
Trends – Follow market, product, and competitor trends,
Customers – Add, manage, and filter customer data,
Performance – Marketing & sales analytics,
Products – Product information and know-how management,
Brands – Brand information management,
Competitors – Competitor analytics,
Team – Team engagements.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 31 May 2019