New Year - New Roadmap Roadmap

New Year is a time for the next year’s bucket list. If we share our bucket list with others, this makes us more committed and also allows others to help us. For example, I tweeted how I will fight in a boxing match and get a face tattoo in 2018, and I achieved at least one. Without sharing that tweet I might not have done it or would not have the support I needed.

Jokes aside, same applies to company roadmaps. Our Roadmap feature allows everyone in the company to add steps to the company roadmap. This allows everyone to commit, fit in with the plans of others, and figure out how they can help. Actual plans usually do not work out, but the team planning practice, shared knowledge, and transparency gained from making a roadmap will make the team smarter and more resilient.

If you are a client and your team has created a roadmap I suggest that you review it, add your steps and rate other’s steps. If a step is not clear email your colleagues to explain. If you are our client but your team did not set up a roadmap, start it yourself by adding your steps, and others will follow.

Either way, do not let the planning anxiety get to you. Sharing your steps with your team is not a risk but an opportunity for them to help you and work with you better. Only risk is not to share.

Happy New 2020.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 24 Dec 2019