One word at a time, one customer at a time

happy customers

One of the common mistakes in marketing is that managers confuse their consumer experiences with marketing management.

Some managers experienced marketing only as a consumer: by being spammed, seeing TV ads, billboards, Google Ads, and other forms of common mass adverts for generic and cheap consumer products. They copied these consumer experiences into their marketing strategies and hired operational companies which cater to these requests. This causes high operational costs, drop in brand equity, and delays company growth.

Alternative is that many businesses do not need to communicate to millions of customers to grow. To reach their peak they need to positively impress only few hundred or thousand customers. And they do not require immediate customer decisions, but can wait for months or years for the decision. Especially younger and smaller companies which offer niche solutions and have few hundred or few thousand customer globally, should only focus on saying the right to the right customer.

To avoid this error, make a list of top 100 customers and define values which you think will most effective in convincing them to buy, and then promote this value through direct interactions and content (meetings, events, training, videos, newsletters, blog posts, social media). First try to win over those 100 customers and learn from the experience. This will prevent you from investing in generic untested messages towards wide and less responsive audiences.

Some businesses can not grow without sales and marketing brute force, but many do not. Many business will do best by saying one smart word at a time to one customer a time. Company growth is a delicate and long term project, not a speed test.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 24 Oct 2019