Only complex is unique

The best way for a company to win is to offer a unique value. Unique value is a value offered only by that company. This can be a technology, IP, method, location, price, or any other product or content. As soon as one company offers a unique value its competitors will immediately copy it. Purpose of copying a unique value is to destroy its uniqueness and the advantage that company has.

Companies sometimes try to protect their uniqueness with patents or other legal methods, but in most cases this is costly and does not work. For example, technology can be protected, but customers do not care for the technology used. Customers want the value they get from the technology. Competitors will create different technologies that provide the same value. Today it is rare that only one kind of technology can provide a value, and if there is such technology, its providers want to make it available to everybody (lesson learned from Betamax).

The only real way to create uniqueness and protect it from copying is to create complex offering to customers. Complex means that there are many different elements included in the creation of value: technologies, methods, skills, culture, location, content, products. All of them together offer a highly valuable experience to the customer and they are almost impossible to copy due to the complexity. The more elements work together to deliver the value, the less possible it is to copy the value.

Having such uniqueness allows companies to take the time to develop their position and improve the quality, instead of constantly reacting to the competitors. Benefit of complex and unique values is also a switch from short-term to long-term development, which is the main way to grow.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 10 Aug 2018