Peloton, Ryan Reynolds, Mercedes, Maurizio Cattelan

Peloton actress

Loser is Peloton for making an ad showing women as dependent on men, wanting to please men… today. The root of the failure is in their brand documentation which was vague enough to mean anything and nothing, and allowed management to express their own misogyny. Obviously, advertising sometimes can act as a Krell machine from Forbidden Planet.

Winner is Ryan Reynolds for making a parody of the Peloton ad only few days after the original to promote his own Aviation Gin capturing the social media trend. He used the same actress from the original Peloton ad. To my knowledge, this is one of the fastest and most impactful agile advertising reactions till today. It required genius creativity, impeccable management, and a Deadpool actor Twitter account.

Loser is Mercedes that just launched a self driving car but is still stuck in the last century when it comes to the whole customer experience, more specifically repair and maintenance services. Unlike Tesla, Mercedes brand is licensed to service providers around the world who are poorly controlled and do not provide an adequate luxury experience. As car brands are competing more with complete experiences, Mercedes and other luxury brands are struggling to update their services while they are busy launching big product portfolios each year.

Winner is Maurizio Cattelan who sold the taped bananas for approx. half a million within few days. However, the goal was not to sell this single artwork but to increase the value of thousands of other Cattelan artworks owned by collectors. With a taped banana and some press he created more value in few days than most companies do in decades. Art business is not sufficiently transparent to confirm this with numbers but I am sure that if you own a Cattelan you are very happy.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 10 Dec 2019