Porsche Taycan Turbo and Apple iPhone 11 Pro - very bad naming

Porsch Taycan Turbo

Logo, name, and slogan are seen, read, and heard billions of times. If they have an error, if they do not present or add values correctly, if they are not efficient, company is silently missing out on growth and opportunities. Also logo, name, and slogan can not be designed by data but depend on intuition, which is why they are a perfect symptom of how the company is actually thinking.

Porsche and Apple recent product naming exposes their weaknesses:


Porsche Taycan Turbo

Turbo is a description of a design available only in combustion engines. Naming an electric car after a combustion engine feature shows that Porsche has very little interest in new customers. Porsche main competitor in electric cars, Tesla, has been building a brand on the promise to end the institutional oil dependency. New electric car customers want this change. Old customers do not relate to it and want old things only slightly changed. Porsche decided to cater to old customers using old names, and at the same time they told new customers to go somewhere else.

Porsche weakness exposed: No interest in new customers.

Example alternative name: Porsche Taycan Green. Although the word green has been overused, it would still be a bold move by Porsche to detach from old speed and power naming towards a more global sustainable mentality.


Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Apple smartphones are not for professionals, but for everyone. iPhone 11 Pro is only a slightly better consumer phone, designed for everyone to take photos, make phone calls, message, use apps, browse internet, etc. Unfortunately Apple was unable to come up with a better name which would add value to the product and Apple overall. While it might be hard to innovate in technology at least it should be easy to come up with inspiring names.

Apple weakness exposed: Too much creative risks avoidance.

Example alternative name: Apple iPhone 11 Homs, after the Syrian birthplace of Steve Jobs biological father. The name would consolidate Apple position as a company that cares about their customers, whoever they are, with this more humane and emphatic name.


Both of these Porsche and Apple weaknesses have been obvious for some time. It is great opportunity to see how their new naming confirm them.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 14 Sep 2019