Prepare for sustainability, another big disruption


Sustainability is another form of disruption which will substantially change how companies work, just like digital transformation. Regulation, media, and – most importantly – customer expectations on sustainability are growing. To improve competitiveness all companies should make maximum efforts to support sustainability with their operations, products, and content.

We advise following changes:

1) Create your own sustainability knowledge and standards. Just like with digital transformation, sustainability knowledge must be developed internally.

2) If some operations support sustainability promote them, if some reduce sustainability then make a plan to change them. Commit to the change by setting deadlines and dedicating resources.

3) Promote sustainable products more aggressively, while improving or replacing non-sustainable products. No matter how much a delay seems beneficial for the short term revenue, waiting will only cause damages long term.

4) Many companies make an error to not promote their sustainability at all. Real sustainability commitment is very rare and should be promoted aggressively. Do not be shy, be loud.

5) Combine digital transformation and sustainability into a single offering. This will make your company highly competitive.

6) Do not publish content on sustainability if your operations and products are not sustainable. Content can not compensate for the damage caused by operations and products.

Sustainability is a global issue which can appear too big for a company. But, goal of a company is not to fix the world, but to beat competitors by offering value to customers. Changing the world will be a consequence because customers today do want a better world.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 27 Jun 2019