Repositioning the brand with content as a growth boost - Ariel share the load example

Ariel share the load

The goal of all companies is to grow in the most efficient way. Here are two examples of growth methods, one less and other more efficient:

Less efficient: Keep the same products and same positioning, invest heavily in advertising and sales.

More efficient: Keep the same products, use content to create new soft values and change the brand position, continue with same advertising and sales investment.

The business competition requires companies to constantly create new values. The risk of the less efficient method is that it does not make the company more competitive by creating new values, but maintains the old ones. Also, the investment in advertising and sales is high so the return will be low. Finally, it is a method which is easily copied by competitors.

The more efficient method makes the company more competitive by creating new values. The investment is substantially lower because repositioning with content depends largely on a “great idea” and not on brute force and high expenses. ROI will be high because revenues can multiply and costs can remain the same. This method is harder to copy.

Example of the more efficient method is Ariel detergent repositioning in the Indian market with the #sharetheload campaign. P&G repositioned their Ariel brand to the social change catalyst position. They suggested that men should help women in washing the laundry. Ariel revenue in India increased at least 60 %. See a case study here. The project was voted best marketing campaign in 2016 by WARC.

Creating new soft values (hard to measure values) with content is a change in brand position. Ariel avoided direct competition with other detergent brands and created its own social change category. Customers bought Ariel not only to wash their laundry but to make a statement. Same method can be applied to almost all brands, including B2B.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 16 Aug 2017