Rules for growth in the 21st century

Lance Armstrong

1) Every company that follows these rules will grow. Every company that does not will decline.

2) Customers buy not only because of what is sold, but also how it is sold. Customer experience is gaining dominance as a decision factor.

3) Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to offer value and sell. All interactions must be aligned. This is enabled by focusing on the brand, overall simplicity, and teamwork.

4) Building brand sales is much more effective than building products sales. Products decline, brands not.

5) Every company must move from products to services, and finally to software. Customers trust service provides more than sales people, but they trust software even more.

6) Every decision and interaction which can be automated will be automated. Automation requires data. Always assume that competitors are automating everything.

7) Competitors do not need to make the same products as you. Competitors can simply offer a better customer experience.

8) Design and value culture is the most success driven culture. Also cultural focus on agile process improvement is necessary for growth. Toxic ego-based sales cultures will hold the company back.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 4 Mar 2019