Sales tip: things to do with your smartphone in 2020

smartphone sales tips

It is not enough to just have a tool, but you also need to know how to use it. For sales people I recommend adopting these 3 routines with their smartphones:

Use video – do not be shy
Video builds trust better than anything else. Your customers will see your expressions and body language and this will build trust. You will also be able to see them and learn more about them. Use the video whenever you can, and do not hesitate to use it on your smartphone while outside the office. I recommend Zoom because of the video stability compared to other options.
Time needed: no added time, just use video instead of voice only.
Frequency: always.

Use social media – you are a brand too
Social media offers three goals: publishing content helps you perfect your pitch, content helps customers know more about you, and you can follow others and trends, and learn. Do not use only one social media, use Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube at least. Your sales account should be separated from your personal accounts. Focus on clarity and quality of your communication, not numbers. Many companies need to sell to few hundred people and if you attract only few via social media, this is already good.
Time needed: 10 mins / day.
Frequency: daily or every few days.

Make videos – tell your story
Writing makes you smarter but most of us are lazy to write. Video is much easier to make and publish, and are great in showing the products. Whenever you have an idea you can quickly make a short video and immediately upload it to social media. Upload videos to each social media, do not upload to one and then share to others. Publishing short videos helps you improve your pitch and you can use them later as reference – you can send links to customers when needed.
Time needed: 20 mins / week.
Frequency: every few days or weekly.

And do not worry about the numbers, worry about your hair.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 7 Dec 2019