Social Media brand strategy tips from Mashable Social Media Day Italy 2017

Nikola Tosic Mashable Social Media Day 2017

Our BEM Values method was presented at Mashable Social Media Day Italy last week. We presented the brand as a collection of hard and soft values accepted by a customer and offered tips on how to implement this concept in a social media strategy. Here are the three tips from our presentation:

1) Know your brand values
The relationship between a business and a customer is based on values the customer accepts. Knowing your brand’s values and using them in the social media management is crucial. This will increase the conversion from social media to business results and will align social media with the rest of the business efforts. Not focusing on the values can give results in social media but these results will not be aligned and conversion will be low. Avoid: Building social media following with content which is not aligned with the values.

2) Know your customer
Most social media aim to reach billions of users and they still have a hard time dealing with niche interests. Brands thrive on niche interests. Define your customer and aim for them only. Brands should slowly build a real customer base instead of going for quick numbers. Avoid: Allowing your social media audience to consist of only a small percentage of real customers.

3) Offer a unique social media value
Social media offers amazing opportunities for unique customer experiences that win over competitors. Design a social media experience which is truly useful to your customers. To do so combine your brand values with social media features, user data, and content to make something that your competitors can not offer. Avoid: Doing the same thing that your competitors do. Not customizing the social media features or content.

Social media should work in alignment with your brand and it should offer a unique social media experience to your customers. Do not think of social media as something different and separate from your business, but treat it as another extension of your brand.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 27 Oct 2017