Someone bought a 75 million USD house online

Zillow Bel Air

A Chinese buyer has bought a real estate property in Bel Air for 75 million USD by simply browsing Zillow. Most of the media is reacting to this with mild shock. However, Zillow has listed such properties online exactly for the purpose of selling them online and they reached their goal.

This is a great example that the main force in growth is always pragmatism. Companies are most pragmatic when they prioritizing only on the most important customer needs. Pragmatic companies grow. Companies that get tangled up in anything else but top customer needs are not pragmatic and lose.

This is a world in which tens or hundreds of millions are bought with few clicks on a smart phone by customers who are sipping an espresso on a tropical beach. This is how pragmatic attitude works. Anything less is friction.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 26 Jul 2019