Test yourself: are you the Perfect Salesperson?


Business strategy is brand strategy. Brand strategy is marketing. Marketing is sales. Therefore everything is sales. But what is sales? Because of the lack of clear definition of the word “sales” growth opportunities are often missed.

Sales is not only calling customers, making proposals, and closing them. Closing proposals is a necessary part of every company that ever existed. It happens because the entire company does the work, not just the sales. Sales is much more.

To understand what is sales and how good you are in sales, you should test yourself if you are the Perfect Salesperson. Rate yourself from 0 to 10 on each of the five questions:

1) You know all the company resources?
0 = You only know the product information given to you.
10 = You know talent, partnerships, suppliers, and all other ways the company can deliver value.

2) You see matches between company resources and customer needs, including those not yet recognized by others?
0 = You are using premade sales scripts.
10 = You understand customer problems and goals, and know how to use all the company resources to help them.

3) You are a respected part of customer communities?
0 = You are have little interest in and contacts with the market / industry / category your company is part of.
10 = You are a community leader, an evangelist, customers do not only buy from you, but they trust you to help them.

4) You are developing the company know-how?
0 = There is no learning curve in your work, and if there is you do not share it.
10 = You are formally sharing your know-how with all teams by reporting and organizing training.

5) You are creating formal content which influences customers?
0 = You only communicate one-on-one with a limited types of customers that match your character.
10 = You create content (text, videos, podcasts) which motivates all customers to trust the company.

If you have scored 50 on above questions, congratulations, you are a Perfect Salesperson!

If you scored less, then you know what to work for. If you disagree with our definition of a Perfect Salesperson, then you need to interact more with high performing and well rewarded sales people. If your company does not help you to develop, then they have decided not to have Perfect Salesperson or they are not aware that there is such a thing.

Written by: Andrea Toniolo
Publishing date: 22 Jun 2018