The 15 minutes of Karl Lagerfeld genius

Karl Lagerfeld made following statements in a 2015 interview for Monocle. They are simple yet genius.

– Marketing is a word I never use… forget about it. I don’t have to do that.

– I think about what I want to do, when I think I found a good solution I don’t discuss it with marketing people. I do it.

– Stupid things like iPad and iPhone already changed the world.

– The survival of daily paper depends a lot on the way the people write.

– The language on digital (media) is only information. You want to sit down and read something pleasant, not just flat information you can get online. Writers for paper have to make a bigger effort.

– Information became so easy that we are over informed about the things we are not supposed to know and not that great to know. That is something that never existed before. But it is too dangerous to say it was better before. It was just different. It is up to us to adjust to our times. The times are not supposed to adjust to our taste. You like it or you do not like it. You can do nothing against it.

– Globalization did not exist 30 years ago. Now everything is on a global scale. Companies I work for have hundreds of shops all over the world. You can not criticize the world by saying it was better before, yet be part of what is happening. For me the change is ok, I am an opportunist. I am not against the world of today, because if you are against it you are like Don Quixote. I don’t fight windmills.

– I don’t discuss. I do what I want. I was never questioned. I don’t have meetings. There are no marketing meetings. My thing in life is an opinion of a single person. Before I open my mouth I vaguely think about what I want to do and apparently, seeing the numbers, my advice is not that bad. I don’t want to be pretentious but maybe I am not that bad.

– It never happened to me and I hope it will never happen. (On focus groups and management control of design)

– I have no exclusivity with nobody. But I am honest enough not to do the same thing for somebody else.

– My only regret is that I did not make a house with Tadao Ando.

– The good thing is that I never get any satisfaction from what I am doing. I always think I could improve, I could do better, and I could do more.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 26 Feb 2019