The next decade is a teamwork decade

round table

3rd decade of the 21st century starts on 1 Jan 2021. Sci-fi predictions are mostly horrible: Soylent Green, the Purge, Judgement Day, Metropolis uprising, and blowing up of Palace of Westminster. Luckily the reality will be more positive: in the 3rd decade of the 21st century teamwork will be a major competitive force.

Company competitiveness already depends greatly on values added on top of its products. This value is delivered by software, services, overall customer experience, partnerships, and product bundling. Creation of this value requires a much more sophisticated teamwork. Centralized top down decision making is inefficient in creating this value. This makes the decentralized cooperation teamwork far more important than before.

To prepare for the teamwork decade companies should adopt following:
1) Decentralized and democratic decision which includes all experts;
2) Sharing of customer and market know-how with all teams;
3) Defining a company growth roadmap and sharing it with all;
4) Experimenting with these teamwork methods to find the most profitable solution.

Without more sophisticated and democratic teamwork, it will not be highly challenging for companies to create added values which make them more competitive. Eventually the products alone will loose competitiveness and companies will experience growth slowdown.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 19 Jul 2019