The real class war: Managers vs Customers

managers strike back

I am not a Marxist but there are moments when a phrase “class war” makes sense to me. This is that moment. We are in the middle of a class war between managers and customers.

Managers today are in competition with customers, instead of servicing them. While this behavior was possible in the olden age of press, TV, and radio, today companies and managers are much more exposed and it is harder for them to compete with their customers.

And how are managers competing with customers? By not listening to them. By trying to push their ideas onto customers using brute force advertising and sales, and a big bag of other tricks. The opposite of this nasty relationship would be that managers listen to customers and give them what they want, within reason of course.

Companies exist for the purpose of serving customers, not the other way around. Managers should swallow their pride, say good bye to their own ideas how things should be, and start focusing on how to realize customer ideas. Manager creativity and power should be focused only on empowering and realizing customer creativity.

There are many methods and tools which empower customers, but they all depend on management genuine interest to listen.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 14 Nov 2019