Today Tesla wins, Victoria's Secret loses

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla won – they just launched their first car which is not ugly and boring as their other cars – Cybertruck. Tesla finally embraced design and had fun. In an industry which is ruined by politics, efficiency, templates, and price sensitivity, Tesla finally took a risk and made something well designed. Customers will now understand how much the car industry was deferred by poor management and complete lack of design, oversold by dashboard animations and leather seats. Tesla saved the customers from the managers obsession with efficiency. Lesson is: design is never efficient but always effective. What is the next industry which will leap from 3D mockups to real products?

Victoria’s Secret lost – they just cancelled their fashion show due to lack of interest and criticism. Victoria’s Secret is a brand which never respected its customers. In essence, it sold women’s underwear to men. Once men understood that this might not be a value to women, numbers dropped. This is an example of a company which literally pushed their assumptions to the customers using faceless stats. Now that more questions are asked and stats have a face, their business model is falling apart. Also, it is not a surprise that brands like this are failing while people like Weinstein and Epstein are being exposed. Hint to Victoria’s Secret: those men have mothers, wives, and daughters.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 22 Nov 2019