Top marketing movies that everybody loves

Wag The Dog

Jerry McGuire
An unprepared salesman (Jerry McGuire) follows a strange urge to become a marketer by publishing his own content. This action shakes up his career and life deeply, eventually making him successful.

Enemy At The Gates
A marketer (Commisar Danilov) gets Khrushchev’s approval to fight the Battle of Stalingrad with content. He befriends the people he used as the content source, feels guilt, and commits suicide.

Thank You For Smoking
A lobbyist and a spokesperson – a marketer – for the tobacco industry (Nick Naylor) overcomes great challenges in a highly competitive market.

Social Network
A designer of marketing software (Mark Zuckerberg) battles for internal control of its design and ownership. He wins but at a substantial personal costs.

Wag The Dog
A marketer (Stanley Motss) uses content to design a political and economical change.

What Women Want
A marketer (Nick Marshall) magically gains insight into customers whom he never understood before. This change improves his career and personal life.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 6 Jul 2018