Value Content winner: Athlean-X

Athlean-X Jeff Cavaliere

With all the theoretical writing it is easy to lose the grip on what is Value Content in practice. How do you actually win with Value Content? Best way to understand this is with examples.

Athlean-X is a brand in a highly competitive category – weight loss and strength training plans and supplements. A brand can compete in this category with a unique and innovative product but Athlean-X decided to focus only on content innovation. Their main content format is video. They published hundreds of videos on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook and have millions of views for most videos.

The quantity of videos and number of views is not what is impressive. The quality of the content is impressive. After watching 10 videos each of them was teaching me something new, focusing on niche problem or a goal in depth, while entertaining me. A win in every aspect. And I am not easy to impress when it comes to fitness information – I was a triathlete for a decade with an Ironman personal best of 9h 33min.

Athlean-X video format is easy and it does not distract from the main goal – founder Jeff Cavaliere sharing his knowledge in a motivating and fun way. Ideas such as body drawings and skeleton might not be new, but when combined together with the whole mix of quantity, visits, quality of advice, production quality, teaching tools, humour and entertainment it all makes for a highly competitive content which results in probably substantial sales.

Athlean-X is one example where product takes a back seat to content. And not because product is bad, but because content is so good and powerful.

Although many brands are very far from this category, it should be easy to imagine (not easy to do) how any brand that dedicates such focus and resources to content should win over competitors. Great conclusion is that Value Content is not advertising, a single article, or a viral video, but a constant barrage of quantity and quality that never stops and constantly accumulates.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 17 Jun 2018