We are fighting two viruses: Coronavirus and Negativity virus

predator handshake

There is plenty of information on how to fight Coronavirus and it mostly amounts to: isolate yourself and wait.

Beating the other virus – Negativity – is harder.

Negativity virus is far more deadly – it can destroy any company, career, family, and community anywhere. And it does not require physical contact but spreads via media, emails, phone, or can simply emerge on its own in us.

Negativity virus is a thought that we will be hurt by this crisis far more than objectively possible. The more we think and talk about it, the higher the chance is that it will actually happen. If we start thinking that no one will pay anyone, that the economy will crash completely, that everyone will be out of work, this might actually happen. The main reason it will happen is because we thought it might happen and acted on it.

Positivity works the same. If we think positively that everyone will help each other and make sure no one will be hurt beyond the inevitable objective damage, this will also come true. We will motivate each other to overcome the pressure and act in a positive manner.

It is up to us to be positive and have confidence that others will take care of us as much as they can. Objective damage by the Coronavirus is inevitable, but we should do everything we can to prevent subjective damage created by our own fears. Have confidence in your and strength of others to act positively.

I hope the Predator handshake above helps a bit.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 24 Mar 2020