Wed 26 Jun 2019: - how SMB's can use and share data with their team, event at Golf Club Vicenza - completed

Join our free event – how SMB’s can use and share data with their team, at Golf Club Vicenza at 19:00 CET Wed 26 Jun 2019.

The event is relevant for CEO, CSO, and CMO and will focus on how to plan and manage a company strategy to grow with data.

Duration of the event will be 1 hour.

We will use software to outline a strategy by collecting and sharing data in a roadmap, combining:

  • Market Trends;
  • Competitors;
  • Brands;
  • Customers.

Some of the questions we will discuss:

  • How do I allow everyone to be informed and participate in corporate goals in a rational way?
  • How do I bring people together to inform them about the company and market?
  • How do I collect and share the knowledge about products, customers, and competitors?
  • How can we better understand customers and what makes them decide to buy?
  • How can I give effective information to my sellers?
  • How do I clearly define products and brands compared to competitors?
  • How do I allow new employees to enter and understand the company in an organized way?

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Written by: Andrea Toniolo
Publishing date: 17 Jun 2019