What can Luma Grothe add to your brand?

Luma Grothe
A while ago I directed Luma Grothe for a jewelry brand. Luma was a perfect for that brand. The brand worked well with her and she added new values of humor, energy, youth, intelligence, elegance, beauty, and charisma to the product. She created these values with body language and facial expressions. My instinct was to let her lead and create. It felt as if no one else could have done it better.

Videos and photos of models and celebrities are one of the most effective methods to add values to the products. The biggest challenge is that value created by the model is hard to define, predict, and capture. New values are a result of improvisation by both the model and the director during the shooting. In this moment a brand can attain content which is highly valuable and competitive. This is the most challenging and the most risky, yet the most effective content, not only in fashion but in all categories.

To create the most valuable content with models I suggest following tips:

1) Spend time with both the model and the director separately or together. If you can not meet them in person use video or voice. Their character is what ads value to your brand. You must feel comfortable with them, they must care about each other’s work, and fit must work well.

2) Understand the uniqueness of both the model and the director. Each of them has their own signature, their super power. Use their uniqueness to make your brand unique. This can be a smile, a phrase, a look, a haircut, an angle, a camera movement, a concept.

3) Focus on the soft values only. Images and videos of models do not work well in explaining hard values, but work excellent in creating and amplifying soft values. If you need imagery and videos to explain hard values make a completely different content.

4) Anyone can be your model and anyone can be your director. You do not need to work with Luma Groethe or Steven Spielberg. Content will work if brand, model, and director fit well and create create values, not because it was expensive. Cost does not guarantee success. Only media buying depends on the cost. Customer acceptance of values depends on the quality of the content.

5) If the model and the director create new values for your brand, make sure that you can continue working with them. They are an important asset to your business.

Written by: Andrea Toniolo
Publishing date: 8 Aug 2018