What is a team?

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The truth hides in the definitions of the simplest terms. Once we define these simple terms, we will have the correct information and our decisions will be informed. Team is one of those simplest terms.

I prefer to use the term team instead of an organization, employees, colleagues, department. A team has nothing to do with employment. A team is a group of people with a common goal. Team members might be contracted by the same company, or several, they might be employees or not, but none of this makes them a team. What connects them into a team is the common goal.

Our BEM Values method interprets a company as value delivery system – the only purpose of a company is to deliver value to its customers. Therefore a team is all the people who participate in delivering values to customers.

This is a value point of view, a customer centric point of view. It is the opposite of the internal interpretation of work which focuses on types of contracts, employment, departments, risks, rewards, and other HR, legal, accounting, and management aspects.

Value point of view of a team is the widest possible. Value team will include everyone on the team: all employees, suppliers, distributors, partners, departments, and anyone else who is in any way involved in value delivery. All team members must be aligned in creating, offering, and delivering value with products and content. If some of them are excluded from the team, then value delivery is not fully supported, and the brand and the company will not be as competitive.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 15 Aug 2018