Why did Boris Johnson win?

get Brexit done Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson won because he had a single simple practical message: Get Brexit Done. Jeremy Corbyn lost because he had many practical suggestions represented by a complex abstract slogan: For The Many, Not The Few. When we force our customers to simplify our chaos, we are pressuring them to do the work we do not know how to do. Customers do not like this. They want simple practical changes, not complex abstractions that feel like homework.

Jeremy is an example of every unsuccessful sales person who spoke to much trying to explain everything, who listed all the values in smallest font size so they fit on an A4 paper, who spoke only to old customers who knew all the values already. 60 Second Challenge is not a good sales video – it is a very bad one. Jeremy entered fell for the most common trap for sales people who love their products too much: being good at something does not mean that you are good at selling it.

To sell like Boris you must make it simple. Understand what is the most immediate practical change your customers want and deliver it. When you finish that, work on the next most immediate practical change. Do not try to do everything at once. Control your ambition for the sake of simplicity. In the start of a customer relationship it does not matter what you can do 3 months later, but what you can do today.

I am not supporting any political stands. My interest is only in how sales and marketing work best and I appreciate politicians because they are some of the best sales people. Trump, Salvini, and Boris are marketing geniuses who are obliterating their competitors because they listen to customers and respond with simple practical messages. If companies can replicate their marketing skill, they would perform better. Try to look beyond the politics.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 13 Dec 2019