Why doesn't my ketchup glide already?

LiquiGlide ketchup

Market is very simple in its complexity. Consumers want more value and companies struggle to deliver it. There are armies of employees, gurus, developers, consultants, trainers, investors, journalists, agencies and non-profits who are all trying to solve why companies struggle. Yet the struggle is always present, and customers do not get what they want.

There was never a better example of that than the gliding ketchup.

MIT Varanasi Research Group published the gliding ketchup video in 2012 and the world was very interested. Every person on this planet wanted this gliding ketchup bottle instantly. Even the worst of enemies would agree this product is great. It is the ultimate common ground because everyone hates how ketchup bottles work now.

Fast forward to 2019 and we still do not have the gliding ketchup bottle. MIT supported the project, gave students a grant, a LiquiGlide company was made, people were hired, and we still do not have it. Why we do not have it, or when will we have it are unknown.

In a perfect market every customer would instantly benefit from an invention like this, as soon as it is available. All ketchup companies would buy from LiquiGlide already in 2012. But we are operating in a far more complex market which prevents and delays customer access to amazing inventions. Gliding ketchup is only an example. Much more vital inventions are not accessible to all those who want or need them.

Eventually, LiquiGlide will be accessible to everyone because it is a business that makes the world better. I only wish it was faster.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 2 Dec 2019